Security Code Review

Tackle Vulnerabilities with Security Code Review

When it comes to software quality, companies cannot cut corners. Source code review is top-notch when it comes to tackling vulnerabilities in your system. Soon or later you are bound to deal with system crashes, poor usability and other setbacks, which is why security code review is essential for your business. Bad software can easily affect your customer relations and the perception of your brand, so ensure that you always stay one step ahead with security code review.

With our services, you will be able to discover hidden vulnerabilities, flaws and ensure that effective security controls are implemented. Infisure uses a mix of scanning tools and services to detect cross site scripting flaws, bad codding, weak cryptography and more. The very first step to a security code review is conducting a thorough analysis of the application and then follow it up with a threat profile creation. The experts at Infisure study the layout of the code and formulate a plan and approach for your business. Automated scans are verified and manual reviews are performed effectively.

We can easily detect the flaws without analysis and avoid the need to send data to software. Sometimes automated code scans can miss certain attacks and vulnerabilities. Using security code review you can now detect design flaws, weak algorithms, insecure configurations and insecure coding practices. We study software systems of all shapes and sizes and inspect for proper software design, security, technologies employed, testability, incorrect code and more. We help protect your company’s confidential data by securing your application and identify certain copyrightable and patentable material. Infisure helps customers understand the risk associated with their application and offer constructive solutions to tackle several vulnerabilities efficiently.