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Cloud computing boasts several attractive benefits for businesses.

Cloud computing boasts several attractive benefits for businesses. With the cloud, your business can move forward faster and more efficiently. With increased scalability, speed, security, support, and savings, the value of the cloud is evident immediately. Further, with cloud automation and flexible billing, you scale at your pace and only pay for what you use.

Public Cloud is one of the most common cloud solutions and offers the best economies of scale. Public clouds provide services to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure. It’s a pay-per-usage model where the costs incurred are based on the capacity used.

Infisure Cloud Server benefits:

  • Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
  • Increase or decrease capacity instantly (manually or automatically)
  • Hypervisor fault tolerance
  • Complete root access to the virtual machines including console access
  • Pay only for what you use, virtual machine pricing as low as $0.011/hr
  • Load balancing
  • Custom template creation
  • Persistent block storage
  • Automatic backups
  • Flexible resource units include CPUs, memory, primary storage, backup storage, IOPS, IP addresses, and more
  • Complete isolation between customers provides a secure computing environment
  • Fully configurable firewall

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