Malware Monitoring

Malware Monitoring & Alerting Service

Malware Monitoring & Alerting Service
Online websites are potential victim to a web malware threat. Web malware threat is real. You are always a target, doesn’t matter whether you’re running a successful business with web portal, enterprise website, web store or personal blog.

The organized cyber crime industry uses various techniques to infect your website. Which results into an unauthorized download of a malicious code on the visitor’s computer. The immediate victim is the website visitor as the malware can result into stealing of confidential information from the victims machine. The website gets affected by brand and reputation loss as the victims would start complaining about the incident. The website will soon be blacklisted among the global web reputation community.Malware detection solution is offered as hosted software services. It’s a zero touch solution and does not require any setup, installation and maintenance.

Daily Malware Scanning
Daily scan of your website/domain content searching for signs of malicious or any other potentially suspicious activity on it. Malware scanner incorporates multi-layered threat analysis methods and operates on scanned objects effectively detecting possible online attack(s). It is continuously enhanced with Security Intelligence harvested from automated scanning of hundreds of thousands websites worldwide. This provides effective detection capabilities preventing website visitors/customers from being infected by malware.
• Perform scheduled and on demand scans
• Detect zero day threats with non-signature based technology
• Avoid malwertising and gain visitor confidence
• Publish security seal on your website to gain visitor confidence