Hybrid Web Application Security

Why its Needed?
Businesses rely heavily on their web presence and are always exposed to threats like unauthorized access, financial loss, brand abuse, unavailability, Intellectual property breach, etc. Organizations no longer operate in tightly defined physical boundaries. While web applications are gaining popularity hackers have developed various techniques to corrupt data, crash hosts, gain access to the corporate network and steal valuable information. SQL injections, cross site scripting, session hijacking attacks have become quite common for web applications.
Malicious users leverage of vulnerabilities such as design flaws, insecure coding, mis configurations, etc to carry out targeted attacks.

Our Security Consulting Practice
A Subject matter human based testing and automated scanning, both have its own inherent strengths and weaknesses and hence it’s critical to derive the best hybrid approach to carry out web application security assessment.

Our application security analysts determine the correct mix of automated scanning versus manual testing to provide the best Web application security program, which is effective, complete and result oriented.