About Infisure

We connect your business to the world anytime, anywhere.

Welcome To InfiSure

We connect your business to the world anytime, anywhere.

Consulting services

We help you make informed decisions, convert them into actions and deliver sustainable online success.

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Creative and UX services

There is a lot more to user experience design than just having a functional interface.

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Digital marketing

We help you dominate your niche in search, social, local and mobile with user-led campaigns.

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Information security

We are well-recognized across countries for our intelligence-driven information security solutions.

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We don’t build your website or mobile application or social media page. We create outstanding experiences for your customers across the web.

We co-create your brand online with the help of your customers and the key influencers in your niche. We make help you build profitable web presence through SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

We help you secure your web properties and mobile applications through completely automated and integrated vulnerability identification, testing and repair solutions.

Key Capabilities

UX Design
Digital Marketing
Digital Engineering
Information Security

The Ultimate Web Partner for Your Business

Let’s build a profitable and sustainable web presence for your business together. From Fortune 500 to local mom ‘n pop shop, we have worked with businesses of all sizes and shapes in fulfilling their web requirements. We can’t wait to deliver measurable impact for your business on the web.

  • Top-rated full-service web solutions company in New Zealand and worldwide
  • Best in the industry highly-qualified web solutions experts
  • Fully customizable web design, marketing and security solutions at affordable prices

The Team Behind Infisure

The relationships that we build internally within Infisure as well as externally with our clients and partners make us who we are today. Our extremely personable communication approach guides us in taking care of the people who we work with and who work for us.

Our extremely flexible work culture encourages our team to constantly challenge themselves to evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing IT and web solutions spectrum with innovative products and ‘game changing’ services. At each and every stage of our clients’ project lifecycle, we execute all facets of work with unparalleled precision and vigour.

Our digital solutions and information security experts possess the detailed understanding of all known as well as unforeseen requirements in successfully running diverse projects and campaigns. The team has an extensive and dynamic experience across different verticals such as retail, manufacturing, health, critical infrastructure, public services, banking and finance, tourism, hospitality, e-commerce, high security government projects, and many more.

At Infisure, we continue to invest heavily in our people and the infrastructure to give our clients and partners a complete web solutions and information security solutions flexibility. The Infisure web and information security specialists deliver a full range of solutions along with highly reliable and fully transparent support throughout the lifecycle of the projects. From web design and development, through R&D, to testing and development, to consulting, to proactive support, you are in the most experienced hands of web and information security solutions experts.

Tejas Purani is the Founder & CEO of Infisure. He is responsible for setting overall direction as well as growth strategy for the company worldwide. Tejas is an authority figure in the web security services niche. Previously, Tejas held leadership roles at Entrust (South East Asia) and Trend Micro (ANZ).  Over the last 15 years, he has worked with equally passionate entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises alike, and has established key strategic affiliations.