SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is the standard security technology that helps in creating an encrypted link between a web browser and a web server. Why is this link important? Because it helps in maintaining the confidentiality of all data that passes between a server and a browser.

Once you have registered a domain name for your business’ website, you need to make sure that your users’ browsing experiences on your website, including all the transactions they carry out on it, such as ordering products or submitting an inquiry, should be safe and secure, in terms of the information they exchange with your website. An SSL certificate creates a safe connection for all types of activities and transactions on your website. You might have come across an SSL secured website, but not necessarily paid attention to it. For example, you may have noticed that some URLs have http:// while others have https://. The second one, with an ‘s’ at the end means that the website is secured and encrypted for any data you share with it. Think of SLL like a shield that protects you from any potential attacks. In much the same way, it protects your website and your visitors from all types of threats and attacks.

An SSL certificate creates a link between your website visitor’s browser and the server. It is called the “handshake” process. This process happens behind the scenes. That’s so it doesn’t interrupt your website user’s browsing experience.

So why does your website need an SSL certificate after all?

Secure payment options

If you have an ecommerce website on which you accept payments from your customers in different ways, then you need an SSL. A merchant account you will need to establish your platform will require you to have an SSL. You don’t want your customers’ credit card and bank information to be compromised, do you? This way you make your customers feel safer to carry out transactions on your site, which in turn, enhances their intentions to return on your site.

Safe login options

If you allow your visitors to create an account on your website, then you need an SSL. This makes their accounts password protected and ensures that none of the information they share on your platform gets compromised. The members appreciate that their confidentiality is maintained at all times and that increases the user satisfaction rates on your website.

Protected web forms

If you ask your customers to make an appointment through your website or submit inquiries, then you need an SSL. This is because through these forms, you collect their personal information. And if your site is not secured, then their identifying information might be at a greater risk. They wouldn’t want to visit a website which is prone to hacking or any other malware attacks.

There are many more reasons for which your website needs an SSL certificate. Find out more by booking an appointment with our SSL specialist today.

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