Advances in the coding standards and website UX is commonplace and quite crucial. Some trends change faster than they can be implemented. The only way you can stay ahead in the game is to implement crucial trends before you end up scrambling to keep up with the ever-evolving digital sector. We have gathered some credible trends in web development, so better take notes.

User and Site-security Should Be Your Top Priority

The success of your business is directly correlated with how effective your marketing vision is. With the changing era, HTTPS and other security measures are taking the front seat. Protecting users from malicious intent is important and even Google and WordPress are joining forces to implement this. Developing your strategy with your customer in mind is crucial for your reputation. So, it is essential to implement this. Getting started is not that difficult, the first step is to get your site working with HTTPS. Implementing a real-time powerful security solution for your website is no more an option.

 Motion UI

This is one of the most amazing web development trends in 2018. Motion UI can help keep your site simple, and ensures that your customers are not overwhelmed by flashing advertisements and unnecessary visual elements. So, it’s important to design a minimalist website to get the most in terms of performance and user experience. Sophisticated motion UI is gaining a lot of popularity, the animation feature allows web developers to add unique styling to stand out from other static designs.


Connecting with your audience is the most crucial thing for a business. Chatbots, conversation software and other tools allow you to stay connected to your audience without constantly maintaining a customer service department. Chatbots has evolved to a great extent, they can answer the most common questions, help customers complete a transaction or redirect them to a new page for more information. Customers will definitely appreciate this extra element and it will help business to stay in constant touch with their audience.

Single e-commerce Network

Single e-commerce networks provide companies a flexible system where a large number of stores cooperate with each other. It is definitely effective for e-commerce developers and it would benefit them to implement this in their system. It significantly increases the attractiveness of online stores and a high number of e-commerce brands are planning to connect to single e-commerce network. This offers a lot of freedom to your customers.

So, are you ready to create a comprehensive website that takes your business to the next level? It’s time to implement some of these trends to get ahead in the digital sphere.

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